My Love of Tennis.

Ok so I’ll be honest here I’m not actually the life long tennis fan. My love for tennis really only began in 2012 with the olympics. I can’t even really remember why I decided to watch it that year, maybe it was the only thing on at the time but it was like something switched inside me and I couldn’t stop watching.

After the high of Murray winning in the Olympics I was hooked and quickly after came Wimbledon. Murray seemed to be at the top of his game when he made it through to the final. After winning the first set hopes were high but it seems that was all he was going to win that game. I remember feeling so invested that once it got to the point it was almost over I went to the shop, I just couldn’t watch anymore but full credit to Federer for an amazing game.


The  final turning point making tennis a passion for life was the u.s open. Wow what a game. Being in the uk the time difference made the games late at night/ early morning but when Murray made it to the final I knew I had to watch.

I will remember that game for the rest of my life and the range of emotions. Murray Djokovic games always make me anxious, I have huge respect for Djokovic and although I will always support Murray along with Federer he will always be a legend. Saying that I didn’t like that feeling of dread whenever they came head to head, I believe Murray is as good as Djokovic in his strength, tactics, stamina and skill but his emotions let him down, he lets Djokovic get into his head.

Murray started off strong and after taking the first 2 sets hopes were high but against Djokovic it’s not over until that final point. The next set didn’t go so well and Murray lost 2-6 but it’s ok it’s not over yet he just needs to win the next set but no Murray was visibly shook and if he could pull it off was now questionable and when Djokovic took that set making it a 5 set game hopes had disappeared. This was all 5 year ago so memories of the game are a bit blurry but I remember sitting on the edge of my bed with my hands over my face praying for a win. After 4 hours and 54 minutes making it the longest us open final  he did it he won that first grand slam. I will never forget that game.


After that he went on to win Wimbledon in 2013 which I watched only dreaming one day I would get to centre court.



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