The First Glimpse.

2016 is the year me and my husband passed our driving tests and got our first cars making it a year to remember in many ways.

I can’t really remember my husband telling me he had arranged for us to go to Wimbledon but it was only a few days before we went and I couldn’t believe it.

Saturday the second of July was the middle Saturday and with a 200 mile journey and hoping to arrive by 6am it meant setting off about 1am to give us time to park up and find our way to the grounds.

The roads were quiet, the weather was good and after spending what felt like hours on the M1 in the dark listening to the sat nav say “keep right” all the way down. At just after 4:30am the sun started to rise. Watching the sun rise and the day lighten was a beautiful start to an amazing day.

5:30am we arrive in Wimbledon, park up the car and set off for half hour walk to the grounds as we got closer the excitement was bubbling up inside me.


I’ll be honest the first glimpse of Wimbledon was a bit disappointing, the big wall meant I couldn’t see much but I was no less excited, I felt like a kid again, I was so giddy I just wanted to run. We had no idea where we were going but even at 6am it was busy so we just followed other people who were already arriving. Walking all the way past Wimbledon grounds just made me more excited. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at the queue or even when we got into Wimbledon but surely it couldn’t be as amazing as I was expecting or could it?


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