Inside Wimbledon.

It was around 1pm when we were in Wimbledon grounds, the sun was shining and it was buzzing the energy. I have to admit if you can’t tell I’m not a writer so putting into words exactly what it was like isn’t going to be easy.

The first thing I noticed was the green and purple, everything was perfectly placed and the realisation that it looks even more beautiful than it appears on TV. You can hear umpires shouting, crowds cheering and players groaning, it was amazing the way the sound travelled around the grounds making you be able to hear whats happening without being overwhelming.

As we only had ground passes we had the choice of queuing for one of the courts in hope we get to see a match or queuing for ticket resales. Djokovic was on centre court and Murray was due after and we didn’t really want to risk spending the remainder of our time in a queue and then we may not even get in. Walking around the grounds we decided to queue for court 18 which was currently holding the Dimitrov – Johnson game. As far as queues at Wimbledon go this one appeared relatively small but as we were waiting for people to leave we couldn’t estimate the time we would be waiting.


We probably spent 2 hours in this queue where we met a lovely man from America who it seemed had travelled here for work who appeared to have an interest in British politics. By this point it was very warm and sunny and it luckily remained dry for the most of the day but the heat was a little too much and any bit of shade we could find was a bonus. This was when two Australian girls who were also in the queue were complaining about it being too hot for them.

Slowly we made it to the front of the queue and it was now just a matter of waiting for 2 seats to come free (once you have a seat if you leave the court for the toilet or anything your seats are given to the next person.) It was about 4pm when we got into our seats, the game was nearly over when the rain began to fall. It was only a small shower but enough for them to delay play and cover the pitch.

The delay was only short and play was commenced but honestly at this time not many people were focused on any other game that the score bored at centre court. Djokovic was playing Querrey and it looked like he was was going to pull off one of the biggest upsets of the tournament. Querrey was two sets to one and the fourth set had gone to a tie breaker, at this point we could only see the score boards but it changed showing query had taken that last point and the whole place seemed to jump out of their seats and cheer (the umpires weren’t very happy.)

img_2335Anyway back to the game and all focus was on Dimitrov and Johnson, Johnson was leading and Dimitrov hadn’t given up quite yet. Unfortunately he couldn’t bring it back and Johnson took the match. We didn’t get to see much tennis but the experience of being sat watching live was amazing, it might not have been centre court but it was a game I will never forget.

After the game we could have waited for the women doubles but by this point our whole bodies ached and the Wimbledon seats are far from comfy so we gave up our seats and made our way to Aorangi terrace (Henman hill or Murray mound.) I have to say the atmosphere was great, Murray was on the big screen, the sun was shining and everyone was in great spirits but the hill its self was rather underwhelming. The images on TV make it look huge but in person it was much smaller than expected. Out of the whole trip this was the only part that disappointed me.

After the obligatory visit to the gift shop we decided it was time to head to the hotel as we were exhausted.

Ill be honest I felt I had a once in a life time opportunity for me and I had a day I will never forget. Even though most of the day was spent queuing it was something I recommend any tennis or Wimbledon fan has to do once. We met some amazing people and that was a big part of what made the day so special. It didn’t matter who you supported or what your beliefs were because everyone was in good spirits and just wanted to have a great day.  All the stewards were amazing and everyone must have worked so hard because the organisation was amazing, everyone seemed to know their job and everything went perfect.

I told you I am not a writer and that putting across the day in a blog wouldn’t be easy for me. Yes I did spend the day queuing but no that was not disappointing. I can not explain how brilliant this experience was. Wimbledon is beautiful, the people were amazing and the sun was shining and Murray went on to win his second Wimbledon title. I could only think of one way to make the experience better and thats to work how how to get tickets for next year.




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