What next?

After my visit to Wimbledon it only fed my hunger for more. Queuing overnight isn’t an option (I have 3 young kids) leaving me with hoping for tickets in the ballot or ticket master. I haven’t entered the ballot before as every time I remembered it has closed but this year I was determined to at least apply. I admit I left it a bit late but I sent of that self addressed envelope checking the address and envelope size and making sure I had done everything I needed. I then popped it in the post. It wasn’t long until my ballot form arrived which I filled in and checked it over and over again before posting it off.

I then completely forgot about it to be honest until the beginning of this month (February) where I started searching online for information about the draw. I found lots of blog posts from 2016 but no one seemed to have 2017 tickets yet. I can’t explain the disappointment when waiting and hoping for that white SW19 envelope, not knowing if one would even come but I was still watching for the post man.

As I already mentioned I have kids and my 2 year old runs for the post everyday and starts to open it so I have to rush in and grab the important letters. Monday the 20th February the post arrives and as always my daughter grabs the post, thats when I noticed the SW19 postcode. I will be honest I wasn’t expecting tickets but hoped and prayed for one it didn’t have to be centre court and didn’t even have to be mens. Upon opening the envelope I admit I let out a bit of a scream. It contained a pair of tickets for the last Friday, mens semifinal day on centre court. I have never been a lucky person, I don’t do the lottery and I know not to have high expectations when it comes to luck but this was more than I ever imagined. From what I read people can apply for years with not a single ticket and I realise how fortunate I am for this opportunity.

I do however have one problem, Its now February and 5 months until Wimbledon. I do not know how to contain my excitement I’m even dreaming about being on centre court. I honestly have no idea what to expect but what I do know is Wimbledon will not disappoint.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments and good luck for those in the ballot.


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