Ok so with the madness that was the Indian wells coming to end and news that Djokovic and Murray have both sustained injuries and rumours of others being injured too I am a little worried. After paying for the semi final tickets at Wimbledon I dream of seeing Djokovic, Murray, Federer and nadal play so … More Injuries 

Wimbledon seating.

Iv been thinking about this recently and obviously I haven’t been in centre court or got tickets before but I don’t know of any other event where you don’t pay depending on seating plan. After winning tickets in the ballot I have no idea where we will sit but research suggests it could be anywhere. … More Wimbledon seating.

What next?

After my visit to Wimbledon it only fed my hunger for more. Queuing overnight isn’t an option (I have 3 young kids) leaving me with hoping for tickets in the ballot or ticket master. I haven’t entered the ballot before as every time I remembered it has closed but this year I was determined to … More What next?

The Queue.

The queue is so very British with people lining up for hours in order and perfect lines. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the queue other than I knew to expect a long wait as the gates didn’t open until 10:30am and we arrived to rows and rows of people already waiting. … More The Queue.

The First Glimpse.

2016 is the year me and my husband passed our driving tests and got our first cars making it a year to remember in many ways.

I can’t really remember my husband telling me he had arranged for us to go to Wimbledon but it was only a few days before we went and I couldn’t believe it. … More The First Glimpse.

My Love of Tennis.

Ok so I’ll be honest here I’m not actually the life long tennis fan. My love for tennis really only bagan in 2012 with the olympics. I can’t even really remember why I decided to watch it that year, maybe it was the only thing on at the time but it was like something switched inside me and I couldn’t stop watching. … More My Love of Tennis.